CCVI Sister and Staff Members Cross the Stage at Fall Commencement

December 14, 2023

Sr. Luzma RangelEvery fall and spring, hundreds of graduates join the family of proud alumni of the University of the Incarnate Word, but it’s not every day that a member of UIW’s founding congregation, the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word (CCVI), is among them. The Fall 2023 graduating class included Sr. Luzma Rangel, CCVI, who earned her Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministries.

Sr. Luzma has lived in San Antonio for five years, serving as General Secretary of the CCVI Congregation. She was requested to serve in this role by the previous congregational leader, Sr. Teresa Maya, CCVI, and her service was renewed by the current congregational leader, Sr. Yolanda Tarango, CCVI.

Sr. Luzma Rangel with UIW presidentThis congregation of diverse, talented, and driven women have been called to live Jesus’ mission of love and service through the promotion of human dignity. CCVI’s ministries seek to promote human dignity in all forms which include Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation, Pastoral and Social Ministries, Health Ministries, and Education Ministries.

While fulfilling her religious obligations, Sr. Luzma felt called to further her expertise and knowledge so that she may apply them to furthering these ministries. On Saturday, Dec. 9, she proudly crossed the commencement stage, earning a degree that will help her do just that.

Sr. Luzma Rangel with flowers“Most of my ministerial service had been in the area of Education in the schools of the Congregation in my home country Mexico,” Sr. Luzma shared. “This is a ministry that I value very much as a means to evangelize while giving education and helping to build the Kingdom of God with an education based on values and social justice, so that graduates are truly agents of change in today's world.”

Her latest ministerial services took place in the Mission and Pastoral Area at the UIW campuses in Mexico City and Bajío. She is passionate about the Pastoral Area because she feels that it helps people to connect and fall in love with Jesus Christ and his teachings.

Sr. Luzma previously received her bachelor's degree in education science from the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo León in Mexico. Now having earned her master’s degree at UIW, she recognizes that this accomplishment has helped her acquire the tools that will allow her to better serve people in whatever ministry she pursues. She noted that with this degree, she can aid in education, helping people who want to be pastoral agents, or in supporting pastoral agents in their efforts to better serve their communities.

“Each step of personal formation has as its goal a better service to others in the name of the Incarnate Word to whom I have consecrated my life as an Incarnate Word Sister,” Sr. Luzma shared.

Judy TreviñoJudy Treviño, executive director of CCVI Ministries, also graduated, earning her Doctor of Business Administration. She too, is experiencing the exhilaration of this achievement. 

“Graduating with my doctoral degree is an immense achievement for me, signifying years of dedicated effort, perseverance, and a commitment to advancing my knowledge in board diversity and governance. Personally, it's a moment of great pride and fulfillment, reflecting not only the academic challenges I've overcome but also the personal growth and resilience I've developed throughout this journey,” Treviño reflected.

Judy TreviñoThe Congregation is overjoyed by Sr. Luzma, Treviño, as well as the other fall 2023 graduates who have served its Mission.

“The Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word are overflowing with joy as we celebrate the remarkable achievements of our University of the Incarnate Word graduates to include one of our very own Sisters, Sr. Luzma Rangel and three members of our staff, Judy Trevino, Evelyn Ruiz and Rozlyn Bermea,” the Congregation shared. “In their success, we find collective happiness, knowing that their journey not only elevates them but also uplifts our entire community. Congratulations to the UIW graduates and may their accomplishments inspire continued joy and fulfillment within our CCVI Family."