UIW’s Mexico City Campus Celebrates 20 Years of Service

October 20, 2023

UIW’s Mexico City campus, Centro Universitario Incarnate Word, also commonly known as CIW, had the momentous honor of celebrating its 20th anniversary this fall. Since 2003, CIW has served its community by offering educational opportunities to its attending students in alignment with UIW’s Mission and values. There, students have had the liberty to enrich themselves in programs of their choosing, involve themselves in a diverse campus community, and ultimately grow into their own individuals.

On October 19, CIW hosted a virtual symposium called “A View of the Future,” an event that celebrated the campus’ achievements over the past 20 years and explored the hopes for the future of UIW’s presence in Mexico.

UIW President Dr. Thomas Evans delivered an opening address that shined a light on the impressive progress of the school. “As we look back on these two decades since opening our doors and reflect on all the incredible things that have been accomplished since, we must also look to the future and consider all the incredible possibilities that lie ahead.”

Many speakers came forward, addressing their own thoughts about what they aspire to bring to the campus in the coming years. Each ultimately considered the betterment of UIW campuses in Mexico and across the globe.

UIW’s Vice President for International Affairs, Marcos Fragoso, has had the privilege of being a part of CIW from the beginning. He served as the campus's first rector, and has been able to witness CIW evolve into the institution it is today.

“I have been very fortunate,” Fragoso shared. “For me, it is an honor to be a part of this project since its inception, and to see it consolidated fills me with happiness and satisfaction, especially for its students and for all the people who have collaborated in this project.”

In addition to Evans and Fragoso being able to participate in the celebration, UIW students and community members outside of Mexico City were also encouraged to join online to hear from speakers and get a glimpse at what lies ahead.

“I feel it was very important because we are an educational system and all students need to take advantage of the opportunities and events that take place at all campuses,” noted Fragoso.

With progress being made every year across UIW campuses, it is undeniable that staff and faculty work ambitiously to provide the best quality support to current and future University members.

“Through every era of great change, we have harnessed our amazing qualities to take us to the next level. We are now called to do so again and when we do, we will stand out even further,” Evans shared. “With all of the gifts that we have, my view of the future is that we are primed for greatness.”