UIW SPS Attends 88th Texas Legislative Session

March 9, 2023

Students, faculty represent San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

Members of UIW SPS and the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

Members of the University of the Incarnate Word School of Professional Studies (SPS) recently attended the 88th Texas Legislative Session at the State Capital as representatives of the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. On behalf of the community, SPS championed legislation that will provide the greatest economic and community success in our region.

Regulatory consistency was encouraged to ensure private employers can manage expected regulations across the state and discouraged local government from imposing burdensome and incompatible mandates on private-sector employment practices. SPS continues to advocate for efforts to ensure that Texas remains a welcoming state for all, and the premier state in the United States for all people to live, work and do business.

“To make significant progress in understanding and mastering global leadership, academics, industry leaders, and government officials must find innovative ways to work more closely together in the future to invest in employees, create opportunities for growth, and create more fulfilling jobs through apprenticeships,” said Dr. Osman Özturgut, associate provost of Strategic Outreach and Partnerships/dean and professor of SPS. “In alignment with the Triple Helix Executive Leadership for Global Competitiveness™ model, apprenticeships enable students to learn required skills as quickly as possible.”

Priorities focused on (1) economic development incentives: incentives drive economic development and help secure job creation and capital investment that is critical to Texas’ economic growth and global competitiveness, (2) workforce development: supporting our state’s competitive economy requires ensuring that Texans have access to education and training needed for skilled jobs, (3) infrastructure investments: infrastructure is the starting point for future economic growth, (4) military affairs: the Chamber supports legislation and policies that positively impact and protect success of military missions in Texas, and (5) property tax relief: the continual rise in property taxes has placed an unsustainable burden on our region’s businesses and workforce; it is imperative for equal applications of property and tax reductions for businesses and homeowners alike.

Özturgut added “The University provides a broader set of knowledge where students are taught key skills required for career development but, along with this, students are also taught the theory behind concepts and application.”

During the legislative session, there were nine key issues of focus, including aerospace, broadband, cybersecurity, education, energy and sustainability, healthcare and biosciences, tourism and hospitality, transportation, and water.

“These key issues are important to all stakeholders, and we must support each other through partnerships and apprenticeship development to make progress. It will take a shared vision to be effective and to meet short- and long-term milestones,” noted Dr. Emma Santa Maria, associate dean at SPS.

“The School of Professional Studies is ready to implement the next phase of our Triple Helix Executive Leadership for Global Competitiveness™ model that speaks to each priority presented at the State Capital” added Teresa Villegas, director of Enrollment Management and Outreach at SPS.