Staudt Named The Joyce Hardin Service Award Recipient by TACTE

October 15, 2021

Woman smiling and holding an awardDr. Denise Staudt, dean of the Dreeben School of Education, was named the Joyce Hardin Service Award recipient by the Texas Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (TACTE) at the Consortium of State Organizations for Teacher Education’s annual Fall Teacher Education Conference. The Joyce Hardin Service Award is presented annually for outstanding service to TACTE and the education profession.

“I am extremely honored to have been selected to receive such an important award,” said Staudt. "I am truly grateful for the recognition of my work in educator preparation and my passion for the teaching profession.”

Staudt has served as the dean of the Dreeben School of Education for over 15 years, overseeing the Teacher Education Department and Graduate Studies Department. She has been in the field of education for over 35 years. Prior to her career in higher education, she was a kindergarten teacher, a junior high English teacher, a high school librarian, and an elementary school librarian. She earned her M.A. in Education and Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, specializing in Teacher Education.

Staudt has served as president of many state organizations, including the Texas Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, Education Deans of Independent Universities in Texas, Texas Association of Certification Officers, and Texas Association of Teacher Educators. Staudt has been recognized at the local, state and national levels for her work in teacher education. 

The TACTE is an organization for deans of education in the state of Texas. The purpose is to stimulate improvement in the education of professional school personnel with a primary goal to provide a continuous search for the promotion of ideas and practices which are most effective in the education of teachers, and to promote effective teaching and quality education through efforts to improve teacher education, the teaching profession and schools.