MARK – Marketing, Advertising, Research and Knowledge

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MARK students

MARK – Marketing, Advertising, Research and Knowledge – was established by students with a passion for marketing thought and practice.

This student-led organization is made up of like-minded students who are interested in creating networking opportunities with marketing professionals at the local and national level. It also provides hands-on opportunities to practice marketing skills and positions students as valuable assets to employers.


We aim to provide a community hub for UIW students to connect and network with key business representatives, explore and apply marketing principles, and most importantly, grow their professional presence prior to graduation.


  • To instill and develop leadership, organizational and communication skills to its currently enrolled members
  • To help members develop their professional network
  • To help members develop and enhance professional marketing skills applicable to their careers
  • To create opportunities to conduct scientific study and research in the field of business
  • To promote friendly relations between students, faculty and the surrounding community


Visit the UIW Engage site to learn how to join and for information on membership deadlines.


Events and Information

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