Environmental Science Program Philosophy

1. What will students gain from this program of study?

Students will gain an understanding of how the physical, biological, and chemical processes operate in the natural environment of the Earth, and comprehend the complex connections and interactions among these processes. Students will learn the necessity of conserving our natural resources for maintaining and improving the quality of human life and students will develop a sense of service toward promoting environmental stewardship for future generations.

2. Is there anything unique or special about UIW's offering of this program?

The Environmental Science program provides a comprehensive liberal arts education with a unique core curriculum connected with a broad-based and in-depth education in biology, chemistry, geology, and physics.

3. Who is this program designed for ?

The Environmental Science degree program is designed for students who wish to receive a comprehensive environmental science education for the purpose of research into and management of Earth's natural resources, and for promotion of environmental protection of these resources for public health and welfare.

4. Is there a program philosophy ?

The Environmental Science program philosophy seeks to develop in the student an appreciation of the Earth's fragile ecosystems through education and understanding of the Earth's biosphere. The student learns to critically analyze and evaluate environmental problems and issues, and identify possible solutions compatible with the needs and requirements of all life within the environment.