Department of Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Engineering at the University of the Incarnate Word. Engineering is one of six departments in the School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering and offers a dynamic program that prepares students to design the future through fulfilling careers in fields as diverse as robotics, sustainability, government and mechanical, manufacturing and product design, among others.

Students of the engineering program can expect a rigorous and dynamic program with an intensive study of math, science and engineering. The program also blends theoretical and conceptual learning with hands-on lab work with instruments such as drones or in the zero-energy consumption UIW Solar House.

As part of their degree requirements, engineering majors take part in a capstone course where they put their management and engineering education to work through an original research project that showcases their scientific skill and problem-solving ability.

Engineering majors may also take part in opportunities that take learning outside of the class environment and into the community via programs such as miniGEMS and SEMI. The Department of Engineering is committed to the Mission of the University of the Incarnate Word, which welcomes a community of diverse backgrounds, to advance the discovery of truth, mutual understanding, self-realization, and the common good of society.


Bachelor of Science in Engineering

The Department of Engineering offers a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree program with four possible tracks of specialization: management, electrical, mechanical and mechatronics. Students pursuing the electronic track explore topics in digital logic, systems and thermodynamics. Management track students integrate courses in business, economics, accounting and financial management. Those who choose the mechanical track delve into mechanical design and dynamics. And, mechatronics track students blend high-level learning of both electrical and mechanical engineering.