Find the right resource for you

Students in the School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering (SMSE) have several resources to help support them along their academic journeys. Dedicated scholarships funded through the National Science Foundation are available to Chemistry and Biochemistry majors. Additional resources are available to students of every major in the school through the Office of Financial Assistance.

General Scholarships

Students across every SMSE program are encouraged to contact the Office of Financial Assistance to discover what financial resources may be available to them. Among the scholarships that may be a fit for SMSE students are the Sr. MD Healy Scholarship and the Sr. Michael E. Scholarship. Other aid options may be available and financial assistance counselors are available to answer questions, suggest scholarships, and help identify other sources of aid.

Financial Assistance

Biology Majors

Biology majors have several scholarships that may be right for them. Helen B. Sells Scholarship, the Sr. JM Armer Scholarship, or the Sr. Mary L. Corcoran Scholarship (also open to all SMSE students). Biology majors pursing a pre-medical path who are juniors or seniors may be eligible for the Dr. MJ Fairweather Scholarship.

Financial Assistance

Special Scholarships

Female students with a sophomore or higher standing studying pursuing a Mathematics major within the School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering may be eligible for the M. Pickering Douglas Scholarships. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.4. Applications are open from January through April.

Financial Assistance