Guidance and Resources for the School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering

Students in the School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering (SMSE) gain insight into their field of study and personalized guidance as they pursue their degrees. Through one-on-one support and direction from a dedicated faculty advisor, helpful advising resources and program paths, SMSE students are set up for success and find the assistance they need to get the most from their UIW experience.


Faculty Advisors

Once a student declares an academic major through SMSE, they are assigned a faculty advisor within their department or field of study. All full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty members serve as advisors with assigned advisees. In SMSE, this includes most faculty members.

Faculty Directory

Advising Resources

Advising Resources
Departments Sample Degree Paths

Department of Atmospheric Science and Physics

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

Bachelor of Science in Meteorology

Bachelor of Science in Broadcasting Meteorology

Department of Biology

Bachelor of Arts in Biology

Bachelor of Science in Biology

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with Algebra

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry without Algebra

Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry

Department of Engineering Bachelor of Science in Engineering - Management

Department of Mathematics

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Department of Nutrition The Nutrition & Dietetics Track

The Nutrition Science Track