Admissions Requirements

Pursue the Undergraduate or Graduate Degree to Propel Your Career

Admission to the bachelor and master’s degrees programs at the School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering varies by program. Students seeking admission to the undergraduate or graduate programs in Biology or graduate programs in Nutrition must first apply and gain admission to the University of the Incarnate Word.

Find more information about the application processes for each specific program below.


Upon entering the University, a student has declared a major; however, every biology student must officially apply to the major after completing the 22 hours of lower level prerequisites. New transfer students may be eligible to apply upon admission to UIW.

The 22 hours course prerequisites for admission to Biology are listed below:

  • ENGL 1311 and ENGL 1312 (6 hours total in ENGL)
  • CHEM 1301 (MATH 1304, College algebra, is a prerequisite for this course), 1101, 1302 and 1102 (8 hours total in CHEM)
  • BIOL 1402 (MATH 1304, College algebra, is a prerequisite for this course), and 1403 (8 hours total in BIOL)
  • A grade point average of 2.0 or higher

In order to complete the rest of their program of studies as a Biology major in a timely manner, students are strongly encouraged to complete the 22 hours required courses listed above within their first 30 hours in their freshmen year.

The Application Process

  • Student makes an appointment at the Biology Advising Office to review student's transcripts and determine eligibility.
  • Student completes application as soon as he/she has completed or registered for all courses in the required sequence.
  • If accepted, student will receive an acceptance letter and is assigned to a Faculty Advisor.
  • If student is not accepted, Biology advisor notifies student when he/she can reapply or assist the student with the selection of another major.

(Revised May 2020)


For admission to the Master of Science in Nutrition program, applicants must submit the following:

  • Evidence of an earned baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of higher learning with an overall GPA of 2.5 or better.
  • Official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate course work.
  • GRE score with a minimum score of 143 in the Verbal Reasoning,141 in the Quantitative Reasoning and an Analytical Essay score of 3.
  • Prospective students must meet adequate undergraduate background requirements, including:
    • Chemical Principles with Laboratory (8 hours)
    • Organic Chemistry (3 hours)
    • Anatomy and Physiology (4 hours)
    • Statistics (3 hours)
    • Biochemistry (3 hours)

Any undergraduate prerequisites not completed at the time of admission can be taken during the initial semesters of the graduate program. Students should have completed Chemical Principles I and II before applying to the program.

Certain areas of knowledge must be mastered by all nutritionists. Upon review of transcripts a student may be required to satisfactorily complete the following courses of which two courses may be completed as part of the Master of Science degree:

  • NUTR 4460: Community and World Nutrition
  • NUTR 4470: Human Nutrition and Metabolism
  • NUTR 4475: Clinical Nutrition or NUTR 4375 Nutrition Therapy

Program Options

Students may select a general program or one of the program concentrations, which are designed to enhance your career choices and opportunities. The concentrations are Nutrition Education and Health Promotion and Administration.

UIW also offers a Dietetic Internship which is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 120 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 2000, Chicago, Illinois 60606-6995, and (312) 899-0040, Extension 5400.

Requirements to Receive the Didactic Program in Dietetics Verification Statement

To be eligible to receive the Verification Statement indicating completion of the Didactic Program in Dietetics. Completion of the M.S. in nutrition degree is NOT a requirement for receipt of the AND Verification Statement.

Students must apply and be accepted into the UIW DPD after all DPD prerequisite coursework is completed. Enrollment is limited in the DPD. Therefore, fulfillment of the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the DPD. Admission to the DPD is in accordance with the University of the Incarnate Word's ”Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy” published in the University of the Incarnate Word Student Handbook.


To be eligible for the DPD, a student must meet the following criteria:

  1. Current UIW student (undergraduates only).
  2. Completion of DPD prerequisites with a minimum grade of “C” in each course or grade of Satisfactory (Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 courses only):
    ACCT 2301: Accounting for Non-Business Majors (or higher)
    BGMT 3340: Management Theory and Practice
    BIOL 1402: General Biology I and Lab
    BIOL 2321/2121: Anatomy & Physiology I and Lab
    BIOL 2322/2122: Anatomy & Physiology II and Lab
    BIOL 2474: Introduction to Microbiology and Lab OR
    BIOL 3471: General Microbiology and Lab
    CHEM 1301/1101: Chemical Principles I and Lab
    CHEM 1302/1102: Chemical Principles II and Lab
    ENGL 1312: Composition II
    MATH 1304: College Algebra (or higher)
    PSYC 1301: Introduction to Psychology OR
    SOCI 1311: Introduction to Sociology
    NUTR 1102: Introduction to Dietetics (undergraduates only)
    NUTR 2231/2131: Principles of Food Preparation and Lab OR
    NUTR 4199: ST Food Lab (post-graduates)
    NUTR 2341: Introduction to Nutrition (or higher)
  3. Minimum cumulative 2.8 / 4.0 DPD Grade Point Average.
  4. Provide official transcripts of all prerequisite coursework.
  5. Post-graduates and graduate students must provide proof of Baccalaureate degree granted by U.S. regionally accredited college/university or foreign equivalent.


  1. Undergraduate students complete the DPD application as soon as s/he has completed all prerequisite courses and has completed at least one semester at UIW. The application deadline is February 15 for fall admittance and September 25 for spring admittance. If the deadline falls on a weekend, applications are due the Monday immediately following the deadline. Post-graduate students complete the DPD application at the time they complete the post-graduate or graduate school application if all DPD prerequisites are completed or in the fall or spring semester during which requirements will be met.
  2. If accepted, the student will receive an acceptance letter.
  3. If student is not accepted, Nutrition Advisor notifies student when s/he can reapply or assists the student with the selection of another major or change to Food and Nutrition track.