Application Guidelines

Applying to the Biology Major

Upon entering the University, a student has DECLARED a major; however EVERY BIOLOGY STUDENT MUST OFFICIALLY APPLY to the major after completing the 22 hours of lower level prerequisites. New transfer students may be eligible to apply upon admission to UIW.


After completing the 22 hours of major specific prerequisite requirements, a student may formally apply to the major. To be eligible, a student must meet the following criteria:

  1. 2.00 Grade Point Average.
  2. Freshman standing.
  3. Completion all Academic Literacy Requirements (if applicable).
  4. Completion of English Composition I & II (6hrs).
  5. Completion of major's lower prerequisite requirements: Including Chemical Principles 1301, 1302, and lab 1203L, BIOL 1402, BIOL 1403, 16hrs).


  1. Student makes an appointment at the Biology Advising Office to review students’ transcripts and determine eligibility.
  2. Student completes application as soon as he/she has completed or registered for all courses in the required sequence.
  3. If accepted, student will receive an acceptance letter and is assigned to a Faculty Advisor.
  4. If student is not accepted, Biology Advisor notifies student when he/she can reapply, or assist the student with the selection of another major.