Minors In Environmental Science

Environmental Science also houses the Geology minor. Non-majors can select a minor in Environmental Science.

Geology Minor

The Geology minor requires 20 hours of coursework. It was designed to give prepare students for future work in geology, whether in their careers or graduate school. It prepares students by supplying a good foundation and work in important areas of intersection with Geology, such as water, the environment, and soil.

Course Listing Course Name Credit Hours
GEOL 1401 Physical Geology 4
GEOL 1402 Historical Geology 4
GEOL 3411 Hydrogeology 4
GEOL 3450 Environmental Geology 4
GEOL 3460 Geomorphology 4

Environmental Science Minor (for non-majors)

The Environmental Science minor is designed for students who wish to explore and receive a comprehensive education in a natural science that covers topics and issues of local, national, and global importance on air, soil, and water resources.

Course Listing Course Name Credit Hours
METR 1325 Natural Hazards 4
ENSC 1410 Environmental Science 4
ENSC/BIOL 3410 Soil Conservation and Laboratory 4
BIOL/CHEM/GEOL/METR Advanced Elective 3
ENSC/BIOL 4460 Research in Water Quality 4
BIOL 1401 can substitute for ENSC 1410. METR 3340, METR 3345 and METR 4315 can be used to satisfy the advanced elective.

Total hours in minor: 19 hours