BBA Business Economics Concentration

BBA Business Economics Concentration

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Business Economics at the H-E-B School of Business and Administration readies students for a wide range of non-academic professional careers.


Why Business Economics?

While the word ‘economics’ immediately calls to mind images of bankers, traders and financiers, the field is actually far more comprehensive. Economics is a social science focusing on the way people behave when we are faced with scarcity. And every one of us is faced with scarcity every single day; most immediately, our resources and our time are both finite. Economics seeks to understand how that reality shapes our actions and behaviors. As such, economics is as much an exercise in philosophy, exploring why people behave the way we do, as it is an exercise in statistics or finance. This makes economics unique amongst the business majors, and an interdisciplinary field that is ideally suited for a liberal arts environment. Whether you want to understand the impact of a globalizing world, study how our individual biases can be skewed and exploited, or examine potential sources of the next recession, economics is a field of study that can satisfy a wide array of intellectual appetites.

A business economics specialty provides tremendous post-graduation flexibility. Graduates are well placed for work in industry, government, finance, non-profits and graduate studies. Law schools, MBA programs and many other graduate degrees routinely recruit and admit economics graduates. This is because business economics coursework emphasizes and develops highly quantitative and analytic skills. Being able to think analytically about complex topics and analyze relevant data makes you more appealing to potential employers and can differentiate you from other college graduates.

Students who choose the BBA program’s business economics concentration do so for its emphasis on modern economy.

Business Economics Curriculum

Business Economics is central to all major fields of business. For example, marketing uses the economic theory of markets to identify more effective ways to sell goods and services. The study of law and politics aims to ensure that the interaction of politics and the economy allows the economy to function well. Management science uses economic policy analysis to create better forecasts and more efficient systems of production and operations.

The BBA in Business Economics is a 120-hour degree, including 45 hours of core business classes and 21 hours of business economics classes.

The courses listed below are a sample of those found within the business economics concentration.

  • ECON 3325 - Econometrics
  • ECON 3340 - Public Finance
  • ECON 4310 - International Economics
  • ECON 4350 - Latin American Economics
  • ACCT 3311 - Intermediate Accounting I
  • BFIN 3325 - Money and Capital Markets
  • BMGT 4390 - Business Ethics

Careers in Business Economics

Professionals with a BBA in Business Economics from UIW have a variety of career paths, and any number of industries or organizational type, from which to choose. Using the strong mathematic, problem-solving, research and reasoning skills learned at the HEBSBA BBA program, graduates are prepared to pursue high-achieving professional roles in industry, government, and nonprofit organizations.

Economics News

The latest news from our students and faculty

collage of 2021 honors students

Business students recognized in 2021 Honors Convocation

April 13, 2021

The H-E-B School of Business is proud to recognize the students who have excelled in their disciplines throughout the last academic year.

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Taylor Collins headshot

Economics professor discusses unemployment, COVID vaccine

February 4, 2021

Dr. Taylor Collins spoke to the San Antonio Express News and KABB about the economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Dr. Zanca teaches in classroom

Professor examines economic impact of peace on refugees

September 16, 2020

Professor of Economics Dr. Nürşen A. Zanca continued her research over the summer of 2020 into the economic impact of peace on refugees.

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Admissions Criteria

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Undergraduate Admissions Requirements


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