Speaker Event: Building a Support System for Moms to Succeed

Presented by Vanessa Jupe

Vanessa JupeFeb. 26 | 1:30-2:45 p.m. | GB 212

Vanessa Jupe, Founder and CEO of Leva, will be presenting on Monday, February 26, from 1:30-2:45 p.m. in GB 212 on how she created her business and her journey as an entrepreneur. She is an alum of UIW and an inspirational business leader. She was recently featured in the Fall 2023 issue of The Word magazine, “Building a Support System for Moms to Succeed.”

All are invited and welcome to attend.

Vanessa’s Bio:

Vanessa Jupe is the CEO and Founder of Leva. Leva marries a robust technology platform with human care to attract, support, and retain top talent as a benefit for employers. Leva is focused on creating positive change in how women experience the transition to motherhood and the difficult first year postpartum. Vanessa marries her product management and design background with business acumen and innovative thinking to challenge the status quo effectively. Previously, Vanessa served in senior leadership roles in an Insure-Tech startup company, H&R Block, and USAA. Her leadership was instrumental in leveraging AI and process improvements to automate experiences and deliver substantial revenue growth. Beyond her professional success, Vanessa is deeply committed to empowering women and supporting diversity in the workplace.

Core Values:

Vanessa's core values are freedom, family, and continuous learning. She finds joy in mindfulness, the great outdoors, and goal-setting, always striving to inspire others and contribute to a better future. She is a proud wife and mother.