The Cardinal Career Readiness Program builds a foundation for professional success and ensures our graduates are ready to enter the competitive business workforce.

About the Program

The program provides an organized path for students to develop career skills during their four years on campus. These skills are instilled through a variety of activities and events, such as resume workshops, career fairs and student-led organization meetings.

Participation in the program is required for all business students admitted in the Fall 2019 and onward.

How it Works

The program uses a point-based system, requiring students to accumulate a minimum of 50 points before graduation, with year-to-year milestone requirements along the way.

Students earn points by completing approved activities. For example, joining a student-led organization within the business school is worth 1 point, while attending a resume workshop is worth 2 points. Progress is tracked through UIW Engage.

View a full list of program-approved activities.