Blog HEBSBA(September 2015) I came across this article and I would like to share the message with you. I hear many students use these phrases in their conversations with me, their professors and each other. As the author of this piece noted, "What you say and how you say it can have a big impact on your success."

      • “There’s nothing I can do.”
      • “It’s not fair.”
      • “That’s impossible.”

Unfortunately, what seems like an innocent phrase in the workplace can lead you straight out the door. As an HEBSBA business student, I want you to practice the behaviors here on campus that will lead to success. This semester, I challenge you to avoid using these phrases; I think you will find an improvement in your interactions with people. 

I wish you continued success this semester. Take advantages of the resources we have here on campus for you and please let me know how you are doing whenever you see me.

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