HEBSBA receives reaffirmation of accreditation through ACBSP

January 3, 2017
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SAN ANTONIO - The H-E-B School of Business and Administration received reaffirmation of its accreditation through the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) in January 2017.

The ACBSP notified the school of business just after the new year of its decision to reaffirm accreditation of the school's degree programs.

During the summer of 2016, HEBSBA faculty and staff members prepared and submitted a report detailing how the school aligns with the various standards and criterions associated with ACBSP accreditation.

The school hosted a panel of three ACBSP representatives on Sept. 12-14, 2016, as they met with various administrators, faculty, staff members and students. The panel prepared a report on where the school stood in its request for reaccreditation.

The H-E-B School of Business and Administration is dedicated to improving the experience and education of its students and will examine potential areas for improvement, as noted by the ACBSP.

"The reaffirmation process allows the school to reflect on our policies and procedures in attempting to fulfill our mission. Having deans from other universities review and compare our school to the standards of the international accrediting organization (ACBSP) provides an opportunity to incorporate best practices as we move the school forward," said Dr. Forrest Aven, dean of the H-E-B School of Business and Administration.

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