Capstone students begin work with clients

June 18, 2016

Before graduation, students in the H-E-B School of Business and Administration complete Capstone courses, during which they partner with real-world clients.

At the start of the semester, students form groups and are paired with an organization or company, usually in the San Antonio area. The groups work with the organization to develop a strategic plan of action to achieve a designated goal.

The Fall 2016 semester has two undergraduate Capstone II classes and two graduate-level Capstone courses. Explore the tables below to see some of the companies and projects for the semester.

  • Chick-fil-A Pavilions North – Students will develop a social media-marketing plan for this location.
  • Mazurek & Holliday: Attorneys at Law – Students will prepare a social media marketing plan.
  • Gardopia Gardens – Team will conduct a cost-benefit analysis, strengthening market presence and establishing corporate partnerships.
  • UT Medicine CTRC Health Science Center – Develop cost-benefit analysis for the new patient center. Conduct research and develop possible interior designs. Develop a business plan to help CTRC improve facilities.
  • Young Men’s Leadership Academy (YMLA) –  Develop a marketing strategy with a focus on parent involvement.
  • Embassy of Hope – The students will provide a needs-based assessment, business plan and funding sources for the client.
  • Save the World Brewing Company – The students will prepare a marketing plan with a focus on social media and event marketing.
  • G4Quality Air – The students will provide a marketing plan.
  • Linary Commercial Group – Students will work with this new commercial real estate business to grow market share in San Antonio.
  • The Village (Capital Campaign) – Students will work with this nonprofit retirement facility owned by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word to help increase the amount given in its capital campaign through social media marketing.
  • Exchange Suite – Students will work for a former UIW (PhD) student who has a new startup, which is used by UIW to help students recycle used items.
  • Fit for Fertility – Students will work for a former UIW HEBSBA student who has launched a new service Fit for Fertility for her fitness business that helps women to become more fertile.
  • A&A Concepts, LLC – Students will create a Business Plan with an emphasis on funding.
  • Cavalry
  • Center for Advanced Data Analytics
  • Common Wealth Coffee House
  • Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children
  • CPS Energy – Students will work with the Vice President of Community Engagement for CPS Energy, the largest municipally owned utility in the U.S., to develop a B2B strategy for large corporate customers.
  • CYCLEBAR – Students will work with the owner of the first Cyclebar franchise in San Antonio to grow the business.
  • The Village (Hospice Program) – Students will work with this nonprofit retirement facility owned by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word to help launch a new hospice program in San Antonio.
  • Hank the Cowdog – Students will work with author & book publisher that has sold over 9 million copies to expand into Latin America with Spanish translations of his books.
  • Tech Startup – Students will work for Mr. James Bindseil, a former CEO of a multi-million dollar tech company in San Antonio, who has a new startup (name unknown) in Austin doing custom development of software.