Click on the department names below or scroll down to learn more about the faculty and staff of the H-E-B School of Business and Administration. Contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers and office numbers can be found below.

Administration and Staff

Dr. Forrest Aven

Dr. Forrest Aven, Dean –(Full Bio)


Phone: 210-805-5884

Office: GB 137

CPO: 123

Haley Ayres, M.Ed.

Haley Ayres, Advising Specialist –(Full Bio)


Phone: 210-930-8014

Office: GB 206

CPO: 286

Elaine Cornejo

Elaine Cornejo, Assistant to the Dean


Phone: 210-805-5884

Office: GB 137

CPO: 123

Ivan Ortega

Ivan Ortega, Administrative Assistant –(Full Bio)


Phone: 210-283-5007

Office: GB 223

CPO: 123

Gloria Ramos-Cortes, MBA

Gloria Ramos-Cortes, Advising Specialist


Phone: 210-805-5828

Office: GB 204

Dr. Jeannie Scott

Dr. Jeannie Scott, Associate Dean –(Full Bio)


Phone: 210-283-5002

Office: GB 137

CPO: 123

Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor, Communications Coordinator –(Full Bio)


Phone: 210-283-6387

Office:GB 138

CPO: 123

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In Accounting and Auditing, we record, present and interpret the results of business transactions. Our degree plans, based on core competencies identified by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, are designed to prepare you with the qualifications to sit for the CPA exam and enter the realm of professional accounting.

Click to learn more about undergraduate and graduate degrees in Accounting.

Dr. Trish Driskill

Dr. Trish Driskill –(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 829-3184

Office: GB 220

CPO: 415

Dr. Tracie Edmond

Dr. Tracie Edmond –(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 283-5004

Office: GB 106

CPO: 83

Dr. JT Norris

Dr. JT Norris, MSA Director –(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 930-8013

Office: GB 207

CPO: 8

Kelly Pittman

Kelly Pittman, MS, CPA –(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 930-8769

Office: GB 224

CPO: 118

Dr. April Poe

Dr. April Poe, Coordinator –(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 829-3181

Office: GB 220

CPO: 331

Theresa Tiggeman

Theresa Tiggeman, MBA, CPA –(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 829-6018

Office: GB 221

CPO: 131

Part-time Accounting Faculty

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Business Law

Business Law is the study of legal decisions that affect the relationships of government and individuals with businesses, as well as how businesses function effectively with each other. Certain legal standards are common to most business situations. By learning how the law works in everyday practice, business practitioners are able to comply with legal requirements, identify available legal remedies, assist in the defense of legal penalties, and avoid litigation.

Dr. Michael Forrest

Dr. Michael Forrest –(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 930-8016

Office: GB 103

CPO: 17

Dr. Joe Labatt

Dr. Joe Labatt, Coordinator –(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 283-6483

Office: AGO 112

CPO: 349

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Economics is the social science concerned with making optimal choices under conditions of scarcity. Economists derive policy not only in business, but also in politics, health, law education, religion, and many other fields. The Economics concentrations are an excellent preparation both for numerous non-academic careers and for graduate studies in various disciplines.

Click here to learn more about a degree in Economics.

Dr. Marc Piazolo

Dr. Marc Piazolo, Visiting Professor

Phone: (210) 829-3187

Office: GB 226

Dr. Nursen Albayrak Zanca

Dr. Nursen Albayrak Zanca, Coordinator –(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 829-3178

Office: GB 226

CPO: 463

Dr. Shishu Zhang

Dr. Shishu Zhang –(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 930-8012

Office: GB 102

CPO: 426

Part-time Economics Faculty

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The Finance concentration introduces students to the science of fund management in its three different areas: business, personal and public. This degree gives its students a professional and deep knowledge of financial key concepts such as time value of money, capital budgeting, asset valuation, personal financial planning, and risk and return.

Click to learn about undergraduate and graduate degrees in Finance.

Dr. Tim Griesdorn

Dr. Tim Griesdorn–(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 283-6332

Office: AGO 111

CPO: 325

Dr. Jose Moreno

Dr. Jose Moreno, Coordinator –(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 930-8011

Office: AGO 111

CPO: 130

Dr. Alicia Rodriguez de Rubio

Dr. Alicia Rubio, BBA Director(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 930-8767

Office: AGO 103

CPO: 474

Part-time Finance Faculty

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Health Administration

The Master of Health Administration degree at UIW is a 21-month, 45-hour program designed for those seeking early career positions within the healthcare industry. Built upon a foundation of 24 competencies critical to the managerial success of healthcare administration professionals, the Master of Health Administration degree will provide students with a health systems perspective built upon an understanding of health and disease, as well as the economic and social factors that influence the industry.

Click here to learn more about the MHA degree program at UIW.

Dr. Lynn Downs

Dr. Lynn T. Downs – (Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 829-3177

Office: AGO 112

Dr. Chris Nesser

Dr. Chris Nesser–(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 283-6484

Office: AGO 105

CPO: 427

Dr. Forest Kim

Dr. Forest Kim, MHA Director –  (Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 832-5626

Office: GB 205

Dr. Kevin LaFrance

Dr. Kevin LaFrance–(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 930-8015

Office: AGO 105

CPO: 365

Part-time MHA Faculty

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International Business

The international business concentration is designed to prepare students with the skills necessary for international trade positions in business, governmental or other organizations involved in global trade. International Business courses are designed to provide a broad analysis of business opportunities abroad, as well as political climates, trade barriers, government incentives, and trade practices. The curriculum emphasizes the changing world of global business.

Click to learn about undergraduate and graduate degrees in International Business.

Dr. Patricia Burr

Dr. Patricia Burr –(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 805-5806

Office: GB 225

CPO: 5

Dr. Adesegun Oyedele

Dr. Adesegun Oyedele, Coordinator – (Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 930-8010

Office: AGO 102

Part-time International Business Faculty

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The Management concentration is designed to advance global and social awareness in students as we prepare them for future career success in managing people, processes, projects and technology in both large and small businesses. A balance between theory and practice is provided by faculty who have a variety of both national and international business experiences.

Click here to learn more about a degree in Management. 

Dr. Joshua Bazzy

Dr. Joshua Bazzy–(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 283-6347

Office: AGO 109

CPO: 328

Dr. Annette Craven

Dr. Annette Craven –(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 283-5031

Office: GB 224

CPO: 141

Earl Harmsen

Earl Harmsen–(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 283-5003

Office: AGO 104

CPO: 456

Dr. Teresa Harrison

Dr. Teresa Harrison, Coordinator –(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 283-6482

Office: AGO 109

CPO: 390

Dr. Angelina Kiser

Dr. Angelina Kiser –(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 829-3176

Office: GB 107

CPO: 27

Dr. David Vequist

Dr. David Vequist


Phone: (210) 805-5825

Office: GB 218

CPO: 460

Part-time Management Faculty

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The Marketing program is designed for students who plan to assume managerial responsibilities in the broad field of marketing disciplines, such as advertising, brand management, consumer behavior, marketing management, market research, not-for-profit marketing, retailing, sales, and services marketing.

Click to learn about undergraduate and graduate degrees in Marketing.

Dr. Esmeralda De Los Santos

Dr. Esmeralda DeLosSantos –(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 829-3179

Office: GB 222

CPO: 86

Dr. Scott Roberts

Dr. Scott Roberts, MBA Director(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 832-2141

Office: GB 203

CPO: 369

Dr. Alberto Rubio

Dr. Alberto Rubio, Coordinator –(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 930-8766

Office: AGO 103

CPO: 473

Dr. Roberto Saldivar

Dr. RobertoSaldivar–(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 805-2537

Office: AGO 102

CPO: 351

Part-time Marketing Faculty

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MIS – Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems is designed to develop individuals who have an understanding of both business fundamentals and technology. The concentration focuses on developing globally and socially aware leaders who have sound analytical, problem-solving and communication skills. The faculty provides a balance between theory and practice, and students are encouraged to participate in internships to develop practical experience in the field.

Click here to learn more about a degree in MIS.

Dr. Yi Liu

Dr. Yi "Jack" Liu


Phone: (210) 832-5673

Office: AGO 107

Dr. Ron Washington

Dr. Ron Washington, Coordinator


Phone: (210) 805-2538

Office: AGO 107

CPO: 435

Part-time MIS Faculty

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PGM – Professional Golf Management

The Professional Golf Management Program (PGM) is designed to prepare graduates to successfully integrate their education and training into the challenging environment of the professional golf management industry. As the successful management of golf facilities becomes increasingly demanding, it is imperative these professionals have a greater understanding of the business of golf.

Click here to learn more about the PGM Program.

Brian Graybeal

Brian Graybeal, PGM Director–(Full Bio)


Phone: (210) 805-5839

Office: Republic Golf Course

CPO: 123

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Sport Management

The Sport Management field is directed toward developing an advanced knowledge base in the business aspects of the social institution of sport. The program develops the individual’s intellect, knowledge and analytical skills in this area as the students learn a variety of business principles and applications of those principles in the context of the sport industry.

Click to learn about undergraduate and graduate degrees in Sport Management.

Dr. Randall Griffiths

Dr. Randall Griffiths, Sport Management Director


Phone: (210) 829-2795

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