Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics shape mathematically minded leaders to guide businesses, organizations and government agencies through insight, logic and analytical skills.


Why Mathematics?

Professionals with strong foundations in mathematics are boons to any institutions. In business, industry, government and education, just to name a few sectors, there is a steady demand for college graduates with a deep understanding of mathematics and with quantitative, analytical and critical thinking skills. The study of mathematics hones those skills and sharpens students’ ability to identify and work through complex problems.


Mathematics Curriculum

The Department of Mathematics offers a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science. Both the B.A. and the B.S are 120-hour degree programs that emphasize concepts, procedures and connections. All courses develop reasoning abilities along with skills in precise communication of concepts. Problem solving is addressed throughout the program.

Students are provided with solid mathematical foundation that well prepare them for advanced graduate study or careers in education, businesses, industrial or other professional fields and practical skills and methods to deal with realistic problems in those fields.

Students are well supported through the program by faculty who provide mentoring and guidance, and through the Math Tutoring Lab, which offers individual guidance and help through the subject’s challenges.

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The B.A. in Mathematics offers students greater flexibility to tailor their studies. Upon completion of the 21-hour core mathematics requirements, students may take 24 hours of electives chosen from courses in mathematics, statistics, modeling, data analysis, data mining and more.

B.A. in Mathematics Degree Plan

The B.S. in Mathematics requires 24 hours of core mathematics courses that include advanced calculus, higher mathematics and theory. Students may choose from a wide array of mathematics courses, including all those available in the B.A., to fulfill the 24 hours of required electives.

B.S. in Mathematics Degree Plan


Careers in Mathematics

Mathematicians, with their training in logical and precise thinking, are highly prized in this field. In business and finance, mathematicians can build models to help explain and predict the behavior of financial markets. Computer science is the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation and their implementation and application in computer systems. The teaching of mathematics at the K-12 level is a high-demand field and the need is expected to grow in the future. For explicit career information, visit the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Each mathematics degree also prepares students for graduate study in mathematics, statistics, engineering or any technical field. Learn more about careers in mathematics.