Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Both the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry develop the next generation of chemists, biochemists and chemically literate citizens through an integrated program of teaching and research.


Why Chemistry?

From healthcare, to waste management, to cosmetics and personal care, many areas that are central to daily life depend on chemistry. Our dependence on new research and sound science will only grow, making the study of chemistry perpetually valuable. What’s more, a growing appreciation for maintaining air, water and soil quality; demand for more sustainable products; and need for environmental impact analyses offer more opportunities across a wider field of increasing significance.


Chemistry Curriculum

The department offers the B.A. in Chemistry and the B.S. in Chemistry. Both the B.A. and the B.S. are 120-hour programs designed to offer a comprehensive chemistry education built on a strong foundation of chemistry principles and research. Students can expect rigorous programs with significant lab experiences and research. As part of their studies, students will have the opportunity to work with high-tech instruments and in the NMR facility.

Chemistry and biochemistry majors are also encouraged to enrich their studies by participating in research under the direction of faculty as part of their courses, independently or via the Welch Summer Research Series.

They may also pursue advanced work as part of the Cardinal Chemistry Scholars, a National Science Foundation-funded scholarship program, which offers professional development and support for research endeavors.

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The Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry program provides a solid chemical foundation for students whose career goals involve the integration of chemistry with other fields.

B.A. in Chemistry Degree Plan

B.A. in Chemistry Degree Checklist

The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree is designed to give students a strong foundation in the chemical sciences providing for employment or future study in a variety of specialized areas. This degree is recommended for students pursuing a career in chemical research, industry or the health professions.

B.S. in Chemistry Degree Plan

B.S. in Chemistry Checklist


Careers in Chemistry

Countless industries rely on the work of chemists to operate, innovate and advance. Chemistry majors may be well suited to positions as research associates in private labs, lab technicians, toxicology assistants, forensic scientists, water or soil quality analysts and much more. Chemistry majors are particularly valuable in healthcare industries and medical labs, pharmaceutical companies, and government and public sector positions. Students may also progress to graduate school to pursue work as an educator in higher education, chemical engineering and analytical chemistry or advance in their chosen career paths.


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