Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Biology

Both the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science in Biology are designed to ready students for a variety of professions in education, biomedical research, careers in business, nonprofit agencies and government, and for graduate programs in science, health professions or medical school.


Why Biology?

As scientists learn more and more about the natural world, the field of biology continues to expand. The study of life itself, biology offers its students a world of options in terms of both academic focus and career choice. Some may choose to pursue careers in healthcare, for which a strong biology foundation is essential; others may pursue research and work in higher education; and others still may choose to pursue careers in government, military or agencies that help shape policies and practices that impact and protect life.


Biology Curriculum

The Department of Biology offers two degree programs, the B.A. in Biology and the B.S. in Biology. The B.A. and B.S. are 120-hour programs that incorporates a broad range of disciplines including evolution, cellular and molecular biology, genetics, topics in animal and human physiology, microbiology and ecology.

Students can expect a rigorous and dynamic program with extensive lab and hands-on learning. Courses like anatomy and physiology, ecology, cell biology and molecular genetics cover a broad scope of study and ensure students a comprehensive education. UIW Honors students also have an opportunity for advanced research.

The Biology department provides support course work for a variety of health professional majors and offers courses that fulfill the core curriculum requirement of a laboratory science for students in all majors.

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The Bachelor of Arts degree offers students greater opportunity to tailor their experience. Students have several Biology course options available as they progress toward third and fourth-year study. They may also choose to select a minor in teaching or environmental science to support their career goals.

B.A. in Biology Degree Plan Webpage

B.A. in Biology Degree Plan (PDF)

The Bachelor of Science is the traditional Biology degree for students who intend to apply to professional, health professions and graduate schools. Courses in immunology, virology, medical microbiology and bioethics help ensure they are well prepared.

B.S. in Biology Degree Plan Webpage

B.S. in Biology Degree Plan (PDF)


Careers in Biology

The Biology major serves a wide variety of career opportunities. In addition to professional school opportunities or graduate school in biological sciences, the biology major provides a strong foundation in the basic life sciences that prepares students for research and technical positions in universities, government and industry. A biology degree also prepares graduates for positions in zoos, museums, botanical gardens and wildlife parks. With a minor in teaching, graduates can be certified to teach biology in high school or science in middle school.