Department Of Biology

Welcome to the Department of Biology at the University of the Incarnate Word. The department is one of six in the School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering and incorporates a broad range of disciplines, including evolution, cellular and molecular biology, genetics, topics in animal and human physiology, microbiology and ecology.

Undergraduate students can pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Biology or a Bachelor of Science in Biology, both of which prepare them for careers in education, biomedical research, careers in business, nonprofit agencies and government. The degree programs also prepare students for future study in UIW’s optometry, osteopathic medicine, pharmacy, physical therapy and nursing and health professions schools.

The mission of the Biology Department is to prepare students to become exceptional and ethical leaders ready to enter many fields by offering relevant and challenging courses and to engage and mentor. Throughout their study, students learn to live the UIW Mission via Catholic Social Teaching and service to the community, thereby becoming stewards of Creation; fostering life-long learning through research and scholarly activities; facilitating a diverse community; and promoting scientific and educational excellence.

Students in this department are well-supported by faculty and staff who strive to engage and encourage undergraduates inside and outside the classroom. Faculty are trained experts in their fields and conduct research in a variety of biological areas, such as genetics, neuroscience, ecology, molecular and cell biology and microbiology. They also welcome the opportunity to train and work alongside students in their research in faculty labs, helping them develop and apply critical thinking, writing and analytical skills in a real-world setting.


Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Biology

Discover more about the department’s two degree offerings. The Bachelor of Arts in Biology allows students more options in support work and an option to include a minor, such as teaching or environmental science. The traditional Bachelor of Science in Biology degree is for students who intend to apply to professional and graduate schools.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Biology


Interdisciplinary Concentration in Neuroscience

This new interdisciplinary concentration integrates courses in both Biology and Psychology. Through this rigorous program, students examine the workings of the nervous system, cognition and behavior, among other topics.

Prospective students must request the addition of the concentration to their degree plan.

Concentration Request Form

Concentration Contact:

Dr. Veronica Acosta


19 hrs. Note: No more than 6 credit hours can count toward both the Neuroscience minor and a Psychology major.

A. REQUIRED Courses:

PSYC 1301: Introduction to Psychology

BIOL 1402 or 1401:** General Biology I (for Biology majors) or Diversity of Life and Laboratory

PSYC 2380: Biology and Behavior

BIOL 4320: Neurobiology

B. 1 Elective Course in Psychology: (Chose one from below)

PSYC 3305: Animal Behavior and Cognition

PSYC 3325: Drugs and Crime in Modern Society

PSYC 4327: Sensation and Perception

PSYC 4335: Learning and Behavior

PSYC 4376: Cognitive Psychology

PSYC 4340: Physiological Psychology

PSYC 4399 ST: Research Continuation

C. Total 3 credits of Biology Electives:

BIOL 3202: Research Methods in Molecular Genetics

BIOL 3430: Animal Physiology

BIOL 4192: Journal Club in Biology

BIOL 4340: Sensory Neurobiology

BIOL 4420: Vertebrate Zoology

BIOL 4430: Animal Behavior and Laboratory

BIOL 4399-4399: Selected Topics: Research in Neuroscience or course related to Neuroscience

**Non-biology majors must declare the neuroscience minor to be allowed into upper division biology courses and have completed BIOL 1401 or BIOL 1402 with a B or better.***


Minor in Biology

Students can support their program of study, whether science-based or not, with this 17-hour minor that delves into the unity and diversity of life.

Biology Minor


Application to the Major

Students seeking admission to the Department of Biology, must first be admitted to the University of the Incarnate Word. Once admitted to the University, students may apply to the Biology major using the form below.