Stephanie Chong-Macias

Instrumentation Specialist

Stephanie Chong-Macias is the Chemistry and Biochemistry department's Instrumentation Specialist. Along with maintaining our instrumentation and training new users, Stephanie also teaches some of our courses including chemical principles, organic chemistry, and instrumental analysis labs. As a UIW alumna, her passion is to help fellow cardinals succeed not only in class but in their future careers.

Contact Information

  • Office Location: Agnese Sosa 108
  • Phone Number: (210) 805-2397
  • Email:
  • Master's Degree in Chemistry (Chemical Biology) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from the University of the Incarnate Word

  • Chemical Principles laboratories

  • Organic Chemistry laboratories

  • Instrumental Analysis

Although formally trained in the drug delivery field for cancer therapy, Stephanie's research interests cover several topics within the interface of chemistry and biology with students generally choosing their project of  choice based on their own interests. This approach to research is meant to foster student curiosity and creativity in the sciences. Current project ideas being pursued are designing a new migraine medication and developing new course materials for the organic laboratory class.