Camp Focus: Problem/Project Based Learning

What is PBL?

Project-Based Learning (PBL) is an underutilized pedagogy that is increasing in popularity. PBL engages students through assignments and activities with real-world relevance. Students can readily envision the project’s details as applicable to their worldview and thus important to learn and understand.

Furthermore, the project-based learning approach is multi-disciplinary by design. Research has shown that well implemented PBL programs can increase content retention, testing results, improve problem-solving skills, and attitudes towards learning. Indeed, math and physics are subjects notoriously derided by students, yet through the course of project-based learning, students are actively engaged learning these subjects throughout the course of the project.

Research has also shown that the design principles most commonly used in PBL align well with goals of preparing students for deeper learning, higher-level reasoning, and intra/interpersonal skills. This, in turn, has the potential to prepare students for success in life, college and career in an ever changing local, regional and global society, and a workforce ever more reliant on STEM knowledge and application.

We expect that the knowledge and skills we impart to our students through our camps will manifest in lifelong application, regardless of whether they choose to stay in STEM.