Bachelor of Science in Data Science

The Bachelor of Science in Data Science is designed to prepare future professionals with the mathematic, computer information system, statistic and analytical skills to manage and understand the data that fuels growth across sectors.


Why Data Science?

For many businesses and industries, data (and the insights it provides) is the key to their future – and they need professionals equipped with the necessary skills to collect, analyze and interpret that data. Data scientists possess a highly specialized skill set – like data mining, analysis and computer languages – that industries depend on to help identify the trends, risks and opportunities that inform their growth and progress.


Data Science Curriculum

The B.S. in Data Science is a 120-hour degree program integrating higher mathematics, computer information systems, statistics, machine learning and programming. Through this combination of courses and skill development, students will build a strong foundation in the fields of study that make them sound logicians, information analysts and highly coveted in the job market. Data Science majors can further tailor their education through elective courses that emphasize data mining, design, predictive analytics, business intelligence and more. UIW’s core curriculum will also develop communication and critical soft skills, ethics and a broader world view.

To complete the degree program, data science students will complete a capstone project course in the spring semester of their senior year. The capstone challenges students to apply their data science knowledge to solve a problem or innovate.

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Careers in Data Science

With their keen understanding of raw information and expertise in applying it to an array of scenarios, there is hardly an industry that wouldn't’t benefit from employing data scientists. In fact, "data scientist” was named the best job in America by Glassdoor, a popular job search site. Data science graduates may find employment in corporate office of retail and brand giants, technology firms, digital agencies, healthcare companies, higher education institutions, finance and banking, and other industries.