Degree Requirements


Master of Science in Nutrition 


1. Nutrition Core Requirements: 11 semester hours

MATH 6363: Research Statistics
NUTR 6325: Advanced Nutrition I
NUTR 6330: Advanced Nutrition II
NUTR 6216: Nutrition and Dietetics Research


2. Synthesis/Research Capstone or Thesis Option: 4 - 9 semester hours

NUTR 6XCS: 4 - 6 semester hours of Capstone: Master's Project, or 
NUTR 63TP/NUTR 6XTR: 3 semester hours of Thesis Proposal and 3 - 6 hours of Thesis Research
Continued enrollment until completion of Thesis is required.


3. Nutrition Electives

Students choose a minimum of 9 hours of Nutrition electives.


4. Other Electives

Students choose 4-6 hours of electives to meet the minimum of 30 credit hours.


5. Comprehensive Understanding Requirements

Completion of the M.S. in Nutrition degree requires the student to pass all parts of the comprehensive examination. The comprehensive examination includes both written and oral components, and should be taken during the student's last year of study.