Department of Computer Information Systems and Cyber Security

Welcome to the Department of Computer Information Systems (CIS) and Cyber Security (CSEC) at the University of the Incarnate Word. This exciting program in the School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering prepares the next generation of technology professionals to lead and advance progress in maintaining, processing and securing information.

As more industries and organizations conduct a greater portion of their business online, the need for savvy information systems and cyber security professionals continues to soar. Through the degree programs offered by the CIS/CSEC department, students develop in-demand skills through theoretical and experiential learning. Upon completion, they will be ready to find career success and move the needle forward.

Faculty are not only experts in their fields, but continue to advance their own skills and gain mastery of the latest developments to help ensure that students of the CIS/CSEC programs are well-trained in both the core foundation of each field and their most recent developments. Small class sizes and a close-knit community allow students to work closely and collaboratively with faculty and their peers, helping them form their first professional network.

Career preparation is stressed throughout the programs through courses such as seminar, internship and capstone or practicum, where students demonstrate expertise in a specific field by working for an outside organization. Students can also take part in student organizations such as CIS/CSEC Student Advisory Group and the Crypto Cardinals, which gives students hands-on “hacking” and other practical experiences.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

This fast-paced program challenges students to approach problems with deep technical expertise, an analytical mind and creative ingenuity. Students of the B.S. in CIS can further tailor their program by choosing one of five concentrations:

  • B.S. in CIS with a concentration in Cyber Security
  • B.S. in CIS with a concentration in Networking
  • B.S. in CIS with a concentration in Programming

B.S. in CIS

Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security Systems

Interested in working at the cutting edge of security? The Cyber Security Systems program is a rigorous program that operates at the speed of technology and readies students to excel in a fast-changing security landscape.

B.S. in CSEC

Minor in Computer Information Systems

Understanding and managing information for enterprises offers many benefits to students in any degree program. The minor equips student with the ability to navigate the information system of their field, providing them with a competitive edge in the workforce.

CIS Minor