The Bachelor of Science in Meteorology in the School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering prepares students for successful and impactful careers in the diverse fields of weather science, forecasting and atmospheric conservation, and for advanced degrees in pursuit of researcher or educator positions. UIW offers the only B.S. Meteorology and Broadcast Meteorology program in San Antonio and throughout South Texas.


Why Meteorology?

An understanding of weather and our atmosphere is critical to nearly every industry and to every person, and how they plan their futures. From aerospace to land and business development to transportation and trade, an enormous array of enterprises depend on meteorologists to provide the forecasts, climate analysis and air quality information they need to operate and grow. What’s more, as our climate changes and severe weather becomes more common, meteorologists become more essential to preserving the quality of life on our planet.


Meteorology Curriculum

The B.S. in Meteorology is a 132-hour interdisciplinary degree program that offers a comprehensive education that prepares students for entering a wide variety of professional careers as well as graduate programs in weather modeling and forecasting, air pollution studies, broadcast meteorology, hydrology, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications in meteorology, and education.

The Meteorology program philosophy seeks to develop in the student an appreciation of the Earth's fragile atmosphere through education and understanding of the Earth's atmosphere. Students learn to critically analyze and evaluate the interactions of the atmosphere with the oceans and biosphere, recognize the problems and issues of local and regional air pollution, the profound implications and long-term effects of global warming on the planet, the effects of severe weather, as well as the long-term effects human impact on weather and climate. Students can also expect to research, model and investigate global weather events and their causes and impacts.

Meteorology courses taken in these majors are applicable toward partially fulfilling the academic requirements to earn the AMS or NWA Seal of Approval.

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Careers in Meteorology

Meteorologists provide greater insight into weather and the atmosphere, as well as humans’ impact on our natural world. A student graduating from the meteorology program may find employment with the National Weather Service as an applied or operational meteorologist. The military may provide opportunities with forecasting centers that include flight and airborne operations, ground support for the Army, and Naval meteorology. Government, industry, and private research groups may also provide entry-level positions for meteorologists.

There are several private-sector companies that provide weather service to ocean shipping firms and port operators, electric and gas utilities, farmers, ranchers and highway departments. Employment with research laboratories includes studies in global climate change including remote sensing and GIS applications.

Related careers in meteorology include marketing and sales of meteorological equipment made by companies involved in the design and manufacture of weather instruments.

To learn more, contact our faculty or visit UIW Career Services. Our team of experts are committed to educating UIW students and alumni about careers in a multitude of fields including meteorology and broadcast meteorology, as well as to assist in their career exploration development. Services include individual career counseling, personality and career assessment, resume and cover letter review, career-related workshops, and programs to assist with the necessary skills needed for post-graduation success. In addition, we foster relationships with campus departments and external employers to enhance internship job and career opportunities during the student lifecycle and beyond.

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