Department of Communication Arts

Welcome to the Department of Communication Arts at the University of the Incarnate Word. Part of the School of Media and Design, the Communication Arts program readies students to connect audiences with information and a seemingly infinite number of professions across industries.

Through its unique blend of theory-driven and experience-based classes, students of the Communication Arts program gain both scholarly perspective and insight as well as the skill proficiency that can help them launch careers as anything from journalists and traditional media professionals, to organizational communications managers, to digital and emerging media specialists.

The goals of the program are to cultivate students' imagination and creativity through mastery of technical skills needed to become effective professionals in the field of communications; to create an environment fostering the exploration of diverse perspectives and encourages students to use their skills and resources to serve their community and society, so that they are prepared to participate confidently, ethically and competently as concerned and enlightened citizens.

Practical skill development is a critical part of the Communication Arts program and students can develop their broadcasting skills through UIW TV (link) and KUIW radio (link), and strengthen their writing and journalism skills through the Logos, student-run newspaper. Students also have the opportunity to meet like-minded peers and grow their developing networks through student organizations like Lambda Pi Eta, the Communications Honor Society.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts

Undergraduate students pursue the bachelor’s degree program, which helps them build a strong foundation in communication methods, techniques, approaches, ethics and standards. Students of the B.A. program can further specialize by choosing a concentration.

  • B.A. in Communication Arts in Media and Culture
  • B.A. in Communication Arts in Multimedia
  • B.A. in Communication Arts in Strategic and Corporate Communications

B.A. in Communication Arts

Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s in Communication Arts

Undergraduate students wishing to pursue a graduate education in an abbreviated timeline are ideal fits for the accelerated program that allows students to graduate with a Master of Arts degree in 151 hours instead of the traditional 164 hours. This degree program offers three concentrations.

  • Accelerated M.A. in Communication Arts in Bilingual Communication
  • Accelerated M.A. in Communication Arts in Media Studies
  • Accelerated M.A. in Communication Arts in Convergent Media

ABM in Communication Arts

Master of Arts in Communication Arts

The Communication Arts graduate program also offers great flexibility for students to pursue specific expertise. The 36-hour program consists of 12 hours of core courses that emphasize theory and research and 21 hours of electives in field-specific courses and three hours of mastery courses, such as thesis research or capstone.

M.A. in Communication Arts