Degree Plan

Master of Arts in Communication Arts

Requirements for a Master of Arts in Communication Arts requires a minimum of 36 hours of graduate study, which includes 12 hours of Communication Arts core courses, 18+ hours of elective coursework, and 3-6 hours of Mastery level coursework.

M.A. in Communication Arts Degree Checklist (PDF)

Degree Requirements

A. Major Courses (12 credit hours)

COMM 6301 Communication Theory
COMM 6307 Intro to Graduate Studies in Communication
COMM 6308 Research and Writing Techniques
COMM 6309 Comm Research Methods

B. Elective Courses (21 credit hours)

COMM 6302 Media Ethics
COMM 6304 Aesthetics of Visual Perception
COMM 6315 Seminar: Film Studies*
COMM 6322 Seminar: Media Studies*
COMM 6323 Advanced Media Writing*
COMM 6327 Seminar: Bilingual Comm*
COMM 6332 Seminar: Convergent Media*
COMM 6337 Seminar: Comm Studies*
COMM 6338 Seminar in Media and Culture*
COMM 6339 Seminar in Multimedia*
COMM 6342 Seminar in Strategic Communication*
COMM 6345 Practicum
COMM 6198, 6298, 6398 Directed Studies in Communication Arts
*May be repeated for credit as course topics vary.

C. Mastery Courses (3 credit hours)

COMM 63CS1 Communication Capstone
COMM 61CS1 (continuation of COMM 63CS1 if needed)
COMM 63TR Thesis Research
COMM 61TRR (continuation of COMM 63TR if needed)

Total of 36 graduate credit hours

Core requirements should be taken in sequential order with the COMM 63CS1 or the COMM 63TR requirement taken at the completion of course work. This sequence ensures students will master the theoretical skills necessary for a progression of knowledge in the field.