CSEC Course Curriculum

The CSEC course curriculum incorporates the best guidance from government agencies and the best features of nationally recognized security programs and security related degrees at universities and colleges in San Antonio. We continue to upgrade the curriculum when called for to include new and emerging technologies and practices of the global environment in which we live.

Students choosing the CSEC major must complete ECON 2301 Macroeconomics as their Behavioral Science course. MATH 2303 is required for CSEC.

Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security Systems Requirements

120 Credit Hours (minimum)

46 hours university required core course work
24 hours basic CSEC course work
21 hours Secure Network course work
15 hours Secure Software Design course work
12 hours Risk Management and Policies course work
6 hours career development course work

What is a Degree Plan?

A Degree Plan is a sequence of courses required for a degree.

What is a focus area?

CSEC students must complete sets of courses that focus on how to secure computer networks, how to design security into computer information systems, and how to secure organizational infrastructure and information.

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Career Development

Junior Internship

Practical work experience in CSEC through a monitored work experience on or off campus. Registration with UIW Career Services regarding “Internship” is required. Additional class assignments include:

  • Resume
  • Business Cards
  • Market Plan Strategy
  • Career Interest survey
  • Professional Meetings

Senior Capstone Project

This is the culmination of your CSEC experience. You will put your skills, knowledge, and brainpower to work in creating a solution to an existing issue that will help an organization.

Examples of previous Capstone projects include an automated penetration testing computer system; and a firewall/proxy server made out of a Raspberry Pi.

You are only limited by your imagination and the constraints of the organization with which you will work.