Department Of Mathematics and Statistics

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

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The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has a number of very dedicated, full time faculty members and an excellent group of highly qualified and experienced adjunct faculty. Our class size is generally no more than 25 students per class so the personal attention can be given to each individual student.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics supports the core- curriculum mathematics requirement, the mathematics and mathematics education components for a wide range of graduate and undergraduate programs across the campus.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics provides a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, a Bachelor of Sciences in Mathematics, a Master of Science in Applied Statistics and a Master of Arts in Mathematics with a concentration in Mathematics Teaching.

Mathematics majors are well prepared for jobs requiring expertise in quantitative analysis and problem solving, and for a wide variety of graduate and professional programs.

Students can also construct an Interdisciplinary Studies program at the undergraduate level or the Multidisciplinary Studies program at the graduate level to include a significant mathematics component to meet their special needs.