Dr. David Campos Co-authors Book on Childhood Loneliness

March 30, 2021

Dr. David CamposDavid Campos, professor of Education, has co-authored a new book titled, Lonely Kids in a Connected World, with Kathleen McConnell Fad. The book offers a comprehensive look at childhood loneliness and provides classroom teachers and specialized school professionals a toolkit of research-based intervention strategies.

“This book was inspired shortly after a conversation we had on adult loneliness. We began hypothesizing about its roots in childhood, and discussed our experiences as public-school teachers, witnessing the repercussions of loneliness first-hand in some of our students,” Dr. Campos explained. “Recalling those students in our classes who seemed lonely, we noticed that they also struggled with academic and social-emotional functioning. As a result of these observations, we shifted our focus to childhood loneliness and created a resource that can be used with students who show signs of loneliness.”

With the understanding that early intervention can help prevent more serious problems from developing, readers can learn how to help students make meaningful connections with their peers, improve their social competencies, and engage in productive thought patterns that positively impact their behavior.

“I also like to think that our work in this book aligns with the Catholic Social Teaching focused on our duty to meet the needs of those who are struggling in modern society (i.e., the needs of the vulnerable must come first).” Dr. Campos offered, “Given the context of children in schools nationwide, I hope that the strategies we have created (within three domains of intervention) can help teachers better serve their students who might be struggling with loneliness and need comfort, guidance, and support.”

Dr. Campos earned his PhD from UT Austin. At UIW, he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in instructional design and delivery and special education. His publications focus on LGBTQ youth, childhood wellness, the schooling of Latino students, English language learners, among other relevant topics in education.