2021 Doctoral Graduate: Elizabeth Silva Shares Her Story

May 28, 2021

Elizabeth Silva Elizabeth Silva ’21 M.Ed. graduated from the Graduate Studies Program at the Dreeben School of Education. She earned a Master of Education degree with a concentration in School Leadership. Learn more about Elizabeth and her determination to pursue a degree at UIW.

Why did you choose to study at UIW?

I chose to study at UIW because it was my alma mater when I went for my bachelor's degree. I love the atmosphere, the professors and the vision of UIW. I knew I wanted to be a product of UIW!

How has UIW contributed to your success?

UIW has contributed to my success by opening many doors for me professionally. People have told me that I come from such a prestigious school and how I must have gained so much knowledge there. Which I have, so I feel proud to know I am an educator who puts forth effort just like UIW taught me to do.

What’s your favorite memory of UIW?

My favorite memory at UIW is the comfort I felt from all the professors I had while working in my undergrad and graduate programs, especially when I started my graduate studies during COVID. Even though we had to attend all virtual classes, I felt supported during this time.

What advice do you have for current students?

My advice to current students is to stay involved with the community at UIW. It creates collaboration and networking with others when you need it later. Always ask questions, it will save you lots of time when semesters start flying by.

Would you like to share an academic accomplishment?

An academic accomplishment I feel I have made from my graduate program is going through a year and a half during a pandemic through my pregnancy, having my first child, a winter storm and teaching my first graders! It has made me resilient, determined and an advocate for telling anyone you can do anything if you just push through and work hard!