Prior Learning Assessments

Prior Learning Assessments (PLAs) are designed for students with established skills to expedite their degree plan by testing through basic skills.

What are PLAs?

Incoming candidates for the Masters of Game Development (MGD) degree program may bring with them significant experience from previous degrees or industry experience. To propel candidates towards successful completion of the degree and to recognize previously acquired skills, candidates may apply for Prior Learning Assessments (PLAs). The core philosophy of PLAs is centered on the Ten Standards for Assessing Learning as proposed and endorsed by the Council of Adult and Experiential Learning. Furthermore, studies have shown that adult students with PLA credits had a credential completion rate of 22% higher than those without.

Applying for PLAs

Application to the MGD degree requires submission of a portfolio of previous work. These portfolios will be automatically reviewed by the graduate faculty of the 3D Animation and Game Design department for PLA consideration. If the portfolio shows sufficient mastery of concepts and skills required for PLA credits, the Director of the MGD program will notify students by email which MGD required courses will be credited. The Director will then alert the Registrar with a letter indicating which PLA credits are to be assigned to the student.

UIW Policy

Per UIW policy, at least 20 credits must be completed “in residency” at UIW. There are 10 courses in each track that are eligible for PLA credits, and 31 total credits that must be completed as part of the MDG program. Eligible courses are can be waived through PLAs because learning outcomes can be easily assessed through a student's portfolio.

Please note, there are no guarantees of any PLA credits for incoming students.

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