Graduate Studies Certificates

Gain expertise in this certificate program and expand your professional possibilities.

Graduate certificates from the Dreeben School of Education provide professionals with opportunities to deepen their understanding and gain expertise in a variety of academic areas.

The Dreeben School of Education's graduate certificates offer evening classes, flexibility, and fewer credit hours for working adults. The curriculum focuses on knowledge development and real-world application—helping provide students a competitive advantage as they advance their education careers.

The Adult Education certification program is designed to provide professionals with advanced knowledge and skills in the field of adult learner education. Students will explore the principles of Adult Education with an emphasis on the changes occurring in adult life and their impact on the teacher-learning process. Educational, institutional, administrative and programmatic implications are stressed.

Through the Adult Education certificate program, students can prepare for roles in adult learning activities administration, human resources and staff development, continuing and community education, military education and teachers of adults.

The certificate program at UIW is not applicable to the Texas Teaching Certification or any state Professional Certification program.

Course Requirements

Requirements for the Adult Education certification (18 hours):

  • ADED 6381 Adult Learning and Development
  • ADED 6385 Methods and Strategies of Adult Education
  • ADED 6388 Effective Teams and Groups
  • ADED 6390 Practicum in Adult Learning Environments
  • Two electives in Adult Education

The Program Evaluation certification is designed for students to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities that contribute to effective program evaluations in organizations and various community settings. 

Evaluation is a diverse field of scholarship and practice that is informed by multiple disciplines and multiple methodological traditions. Evaluators endeavor to understand the workings of the program/policy they are evaluating and to make judgments about quality and effectiveness.

Evaluators are needed across professional disciplines to research and develop effective programs that will benefit organizations and society. 

Through the Program Evaluation certificate program, students can prepare for roles in health care, government, corporate, education, higher education, non-profit, and human services industries.

Course Requirements

Requirements for the Program Evaluation certification (18 hours):

  • INEE 8355 - Cultural Aspects of Research (Existing Course)
  • ORGL 8370 – Organizational Assessment and Survey Administration (Existing Course)
  • EVAL 8310 – Program Evaluation Theory (New Course)
  • EVAL 8320 – Program Evaluation Methods
  • EVAL 8390 – Program Evaluation Practicum (New Course)
  • INDR 8353 – Adv Social Science Statistics using SPSS (Existing Course) OR INDR 8357 – Qualitative Research Design (Existing Course), so both advanced courses are in the program of study

The Student Services in Higher Education certification is designed to prepare students to pursue or advance their careers in student services at the college or university level.

Higher education is a dynamic field, and students of the certification program explore its current landscape and the college student experience. The curriculum is designed to deepen and broaden understanding of such current issues including student diversity, counseling techniques, legal matters and leadership in the higher education environment.

Through the rigorous program, certificate seekers work to develop the knowledge, skills and leadership needed to effectively support students to succeed throughout their higher education experience. Student learning outcomes for this concentration are benchmarked against standards established by the Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA) and the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) in Higher Education.

Course Requirements

Requirements for the Student Services in Higher Education certification (18 hours):

  • EDUC 6303 Counseling Techniques in Higher Education
  • EDUC 6309 Legal Issues in Student Affairs
  • EDUC 6334 Leadership and Administration in Student Affairs
  • EDUC 6372 The College Environment
  • EDUC 6383 Professional Seminar in Student Affairs
  • EDUC 6394 Practicum in Student Affairs

Admission Criteria

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