Department of Interior Design

Welcome to the Department of Interior Design at the University of the Incarnate Word. One of five departments in the School of Media and Design, Interior Design prepares future interior design professionals with a deep understanding of human behavior, artistry, technical skill and digital tools needed for meaningful and creative careers.


With an emphasis on environment and behavior, the design process and the latest technology, the Interior Design department offers rigorous degree programs that prepare students to stand out in a dynamic and competitive field. Whether designing interiors of homes, commercial spaces, healthcare facilities, schools, hotels or restaurants, or managing the business and retail side of the design industry, students find the support and training they need to pursue their career aspirations.

Students can expect to learn and create with the same tools, digital applications and devices that working professionals use in the industry. Faculty members include award-winning interior designers who hold multiple certifications and accreditations. Widely respected and with extensive industry experience, faculty work closely with students, advising them as they move through their degree program.

There are many opportunities to continue learning outside of the classroom. Interior design students can connect with peers and professionals through the Student Interior Design Experience (StudEx) at UIW. At such a supportive interior design community in San Antonio and elsewhere, students are given opportunities to gain work experience and a better understanding of current techniques, trends and future directions in the industry. Students can also look forward to projects working with community partners such as Habitat for Humanity.

After the completion of the first year and one-half, all interior design (INTD) and interior merchandising and management (INMM) students are required to submit a portfolio of the work completed in the INTD and INMM first-year and one-half. Portfolios are reviewed in March/April of their second year. Only upon passage of the Portfolio Review may students continue the BFA Interior Design degree or BFA Interior Merchandising and Management degree (all four concentrations) and continue studying within their major.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design

The BFA in Interior Design program is one of only 17 programs in the State of Texas accredited by the Council of Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA). The degree program challenges students to identify, research, and creatively solve problems relative to the function and quality of the interior.

B.F.A. in Interior Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Merchandising and Management

This degree program is ideal for students interested in the business and industry of interior design. Students examine space, form, architecture, color, design history and more design concepts, but also further specialize in their fields by choosing one of four concentrations.

  • B.F.A. in Interior Merchandising and Management with a concentration in Business Administration
  • B.F.A. in Interior Merchandising and Management with a concentration in Management
  • B.F.A. in Interior Merchandising and Management with a concentration in Marketing
  • B.F.A. in Interior Merchandising and Management with a concentration in Merchandising

B.F.A. in Interior Merchandising and Management