UIW Communication Arts Studio

A full compliment of systems necessary to produce digital television, audio, photography, and digital print journalism.

Video Production Studio

Communication Arts program has technology for both on location and studio video production. The studio has High Definition (HD) digital cameras, teleprompters, and a green screen, which allows students to create virtual sets. This technology is being used by many commercial stations to place talent anywhere in the world without leaving the studio. There are a number of video production related courses in the program including Video Production I and II, Broadcast Journalism, Producing and Directing Seminar and Television Practicum. The studio is also used to produce uiwtv.org productions.

Video Control Room

In the television studio control room, students have access to an HD Tri-Caster, which is used for live switching, video editing and for special effects. Students learn to use this equipment in Video Production I and Video Production II. Live programming is available on channel 15, a closed circuit broadcast on campus, and online.

MAC Computer Labs

There are two Mac Computer Labs. One is used for Journalism, graphics, computer literacy and web design courses. The other lab is used for video editing, convergent media design and other courses. These computer labs are open to students outside of class time.

Audio Editing Studio

Students in audio production use this studio to produce audio programming. Audio production is taught in Audio Production I and Multimedia Design and Production. The Audio Studio also used by kuiw.org, our Internet radio station and uiwtv.org.

Internet Radio Station

In the spring of 2005, students at UIW started kuiw.org, an Internet radio station. Students participate in a Radio Practicum course or volunteer their time in running the station.

Our online TV station, uiwtv.org, went on the air in the Fall of 2009. Students participate in the TV Practicum course or volunteer their time running the station. Live sports broadcasting is now available for all students., including football and basketball games.