The purpose for the University of the Incarnate Word Doctoral Student Association is to support the doctoral students in the Dreeben School of Education with the opportunity for social and cultural exchange, dialogue on graduate study experience, mentorship of new students, and the formation of networks among students, professors, and alumni for the enhancement of professional goals.

The activities DSA sponsors include:

  1. social activities to connect with other Ph.D. students and faculty,
  2. forums to discuss research and academic experiences, and
  3. fundraising to increase academic presence at conferences, meetings and scholarly exchanges.

Events DSA hosted/sponsored

  • Action Research Week with Dr. Mary Brydon-Miller
  • DSE Doctoral Student Research Symposium
  • Qualitative Research Week with Dr. Kathy Charmaz

Service Projects in collaboration with the History Department

  • Hurricane Relief Donation
  • Toy Drive for Refugee Children in San Antonio