UIW's 10 Core Learning Outcomes

Core Outcome Statements

The Core Curriculum is a common experience for all UIW undergraduates, intended to assure that every student accomplishes ten broad Core educational goals with specified learning outcomes in the following areas:

1. Critical and Creative Thinking: to analyze information logically and to utilize and transform knowledge in fair-minded, purposeful, and imaginative ways.

2. Effective Communication: to write and speak clearly and persuasively and to convey meaning effectively in non-verbal contexts.

3. Media/Technology: to understand the benefits and limitations of technology and media and how to use them in socially positive ways.

4. Research: to synthesize the gathering, evaluating, and interpreting of data in a study or creative work that can be shared with a community of scholars.

5. Global and Historical Consciousness: to understand and be sensitive to the ways humans have been influenced by cultural,
religious, and ethnic traditions, by economic forces, and by environmental opportunities and limitations.

6. Aesthetic Engagement: to realize the significant role that aesthetic experience and the visual/performing arts play in shaping
meaningful lives.

7. Quantitative/Scientific Analysis: to use mathematical reasoning and the scientific method to address issues in an increasingly complex, technological world.

8. Social Justice: to use ethical decision-making skills to evaluate the consequences of personal behavior as well as the policies and practices of groups and systems.

9.Professionalism: to develop leadership qualities that help achieve personal goals and contribute to the good of society through work.

10. Integration/Spirituality: to understand the importance of developing as a whole person who is spiritually mature and dedicated to being a productive and responsible citizen.