UIW Five Year Quality Enhancement Plan

Roadmap for Improving Undergraduate Student Writing

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The Writing Academy will serve four 1-year cohorts. Over the course of each Academy, faculty teams will develop writing intensive courses.

  • Some faculty teams will develop a sequence (writing ladder) of writing-intensive courses within their majors.
  • Other faculty teams will revise curriculum for key Core courses.
  • Each cohort will consist of 15 faculty members. Faculty members receive a stipend for participating in the Writing Academy.

Short workshops through the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Writing and Learning Center will be offered during the Quality Enhancement Plan. These workshops will be offered for full- and part-time faculty and will include topics to enhance the quality of undergraduate student writing. Topics include:

Workshops and technology upgrades will be used to support the English Department’s revision of the first-year composition sequence.

Executive Summary

Implementation Team

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