13 Principles of Effective Writing

writing matters


  1. Identify the audience: effective writers identify their audience and address their interests and know (know who you are talking to)
  2. Know your goal: effective writers have a specific purpose and use it to shape their work
  3. Guide the reader through the text
  4. Pick the best format for you: effective writer picks the best format in which to write their essay
  5. Present yourself well: through writing you are presenting yourself so make sure you look your best
  6. Plan: effective writers know it takes time to write a good essay (good things take time)
  7. Revise, Revise, Revise: good writing emerges over multiple drafts
  8. Different disciplines use different conventions: not every profession utilizes the same writing style (auditors do not write like nurses)
  9. Communicate clearly: effective writers use simple language to make complex ideas more understandable
  10. Clean up after yourself: effective writer proofread
  11. Seek feedback: effective writers ask for advice (four eyes are better than two)
  12. Writing is a craft: effective writing takes practice
  13. Dare to speak up: good writing takes courage