Students in the School of Media and Design create stand-out work. No matter which field of study they are pursuing, each degree program integrates, as part of their course work, opportunities to develop professional-level work. Upon completion of their programs, students will have developed a digital presence, interactive work samples or full portfolios that they can share with prospective employers as they prepare to enter the workforce.


3D Animation and Game Design

Playable games for PC or console and animated short films are among the works that students create as part of the Bachelor of Fine Arts in 3D Animation and Game Design degree program. Their creations also include thoroughly developed animated characters, full storylines and detailed backgrounds.


Communication Arts

There are many ways that students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts and the Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s degree program can develop work: penning well-reported articles or opinion pieces in The Logos student newspaper, producing news segments and reels filmed from the UIWtv studio, or producing or providing voice talent to KUIW, to name a few.


Department of Graphic Design

Students of the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design program regularly produce award-winning work, be it for packaging design, poster design, book design, magazine design, branded stationary development or other types of visual communication efforts. See more examples on the department’s Instagram account.


Juren Sullivan Center for Fashion Management

Students create items from all aspects of the fashion industry. These range from Spec Sheets, Tech Packs, and Costing information to knitwear, bespoke pieces, or sustainable fabric. Fashion Management


Department of Interior Design

Learning under award-winning and recognized faculty, students in the Department of Interior Design create works that runs the gamut of the industry from scale models, architectural graphics, CADD construction documents, large-scale project sketches and specifications, and more.