Department of 3D Animation and Game Design

Welcome to the Department of 3D Animation and Game Design at the University of the Incarnate Word. One of five departments in the School of Media and Design, it offers rigorous and exacting courses that challenge students to develop techniques, master the digital tools of this demanding trade, and grow their creative capacity.

Animation and game design and production are competitive, aggressive fields, and future professionals hoping to excel in these growing areas must be fully prepared and well-educated with the in-demand skills and cultivated talent that employers are looking for. Students of UIW’s 3D Animation and Game Design department hone their abilities over the course of the programs and emerge ready for careers in a wide range of industries.

At the beginning of the program, new students develop a strong foundation in the principles of the field and in the elements of design. Those who advance through the required portfolio review into the second year of the program continue to refine their skills as they work toward developing a professional-level portfolio and reel that can help them break into the industry. Throughout their studies, students enjoy small class sizes with more opportunities for one-on-one guidance from program faculty, each of whom have extensive industry experience and are active professionals working with major studios and agencies on blockbuster video games and films. Students also develop strong connections to their classmates and faculty as they start to form their network of those who will become their industry peers.

Graduates of the program have gone on to work in film and television and at such major companies as Sony and their subsidiaries. 3D Animation and Game Design graduates have also found success in media, consulting, information technology and video game production companies, as well as with government agencies.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in 3D Animation and Game Design

Discover more about the program’s BFA degree, a “professional preparatory” program which is designed to prepare graduates for immediate entry into game art, game design, film, animation and 3D production. Students can further specialize within their degree program by choosing one of four concentrations.

  • Animation
  • Modeling
  • Programming for Games
  • Production Management

B.F.A. in 3D Animation and Game Design

Master of Game Development

The Master of Game Development graduate program offers classes 100% online and courses are lead by industry professionals from globally recognized studios. Students can choose to specialize in one of three academic tracks.

  • Animation
  • Programming
  • Environmental Arts

Master of Game Development