Qualifying students may participate in an Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s (ABM) program.  This program enables completion of a combined undergraduate and graduate degree in less time (minimum 5 years).  The ABM program in Bilingual Communication Arts, Media Studies and Convergent Media allows students to finish their two degrees in 151 hours rather than the 164 required of a traditional consecutive undergraduate and a graduate program. An accelerated program results in a lower cost as well as a time-savings for our students because they are allowed to take up to 9 hours of graduate courses in their fourth year as part of the banded tuition. Students must apply for the ABM program in the beginning of their junior year and have the necessary GPA and GRE scores to enter the program.

ABM Degree Plans

ABM Recommended Plan



Zazil Reyes-Garcia

Director of Communication Arts ABM Programs

E-mail: reyesgar@uiwtx.edu
Phone: (210) 832-2130