Trinity Sunday celebrates a great mystery of who God is.

We have trouble understanding ourselves, let alone fathom the essence of the divinity. Yet, in Sacred Scripture, we get glimpses of the nature of God. Understandably, these images of God are couched in human terms, some of them deceivingly simple.

Genesis, for example, describes God as a parent who created and gave life and beamed with joy. All creation was “good,” but Adam and Eve, they were “very good.”

Jesus talked about God as the caring Father, a parent who every day awaited the return of the Prodigal, estranged son and rejoiced upon seeing him and did not expect an apology or even ask for an explanation. Forgiveness is immediate and complete. God is love and compassion and rejoicing.

God the Son came to live among us – “He pitched his tent among us” – the Gospels tell us. He was sent as a human being so we could see, hear and touch God. Jesus is the God who heals and teaches and who comforts the weak and vulnerable.

God the Spirit is revealed as the life-source of God’s people. Who we are, what we do -- everything about us – is different because God’s Spirit works in and through us.

Trinity Sunday brings all this to our attention and calls us to recognize this mystery within us and within all whom we meet. We are, in fact, called to evoke this mystery, not just of this feast day, but every time we make the Sign of the Cross.

In this sacred action, we re-enact our Baptism, when we were given new life and set free to grow in the creative power of the Father, the compassion of the Son, and the vitality of the Holy Spirit.

And we affirm this wondrous mystery with a heartfelt “Amen.”