St. Francis found God's mission for him by uncluttering his life.

“I have accomplished what Christ set out for me to do” observed St. Francis of Assisi on his deathbed.

This phrase is cherished by his Franciscan brothers, but it is often forgotten by his followers and admirers who love Francis for his praise for nature and its creatures, his detachment for worldly allures, and his yearning for peace.

Yet this deep sense of mission was the driving force behind the life of a man who is highly regarded by peoples of all faiths and even by those who deny the existence of God.

Giving our lives a Divine purpose may sound outrageous in the midst of our day-to-day concerns over making a living, keeping our families together, staying connected with our friends, or simply making it rush hour traffic.

It took shedding all worldly concerns for Francis to savor God’s purpose in his life, and hence is seems beyond our reach.

Yet it is not altogether unattainable. We are not called to live life the way he did, but we are called to pause and pray and search for God’s directive in our very specific circumstances – our relationships with our family and friends, our concerns for the poor and suffering, our being true and faithful to our inner selves, and reaching out to God.

If our lives are too cluttered, Francis taught us, we will miss out on what Christ set out for us to do.