Welcome to the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

The College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at the University of the Incarnate Word prepares the next generation of creators and thinkers for futures of intellectual exploration, purpose and boundless potential.


Of the 11 schools that comprise the University of the Incarnate Word, the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, or CHASS, is the largest, most academically diverse and the University’s sole college. CHASS is home to 21 undergraduate degree programs that span the arts languages and cultures, faith studies, and much more.

The origins of CHASS date back to the earliest days of the University itself. Its programs are deeply rooted in the UIW Mission to develop concerned and enlightened citizens within the global community. Here, students explore issues of social justice, discover their creativity and artistry, and understand more about the world around them.

CHASS students work and learn in professional-level and state-of-the-art concert halls, art studios, music studios, design and production labs, theater spaces, and concert halls. All the while, they are guided and educated by exceptional faculty, many of whom are considered thought leaders and critical voices in their fields. Small class sizes encourage more interaction and better discussion. Outside of the classroom, many faculty members also act as mentors, encouraging students along their journeys, introducing them to new opportunities and even inviting students to take part in research or creative endeavors.

In addition to the dynamic academic experience, CHASS majors enjoy a full and active student life. Organizations, clubs, publications and service projects present countless opportunities for students to connect with their peers and explore interests. Plays, exhibitions and music ensembles also offer avenues for students from all fields of study to showcase their talent. Cultural events bring the world to the UIW campus and give students a glimpse of the art, language, food, music and traditions of global culture. And, when safety permits, students can explore the hundreds of study abroad destinations afforded to them through their programs and the Study Abroad office.

Whether in the classroom or around the world, CHASS opens doors of opportunity and discovery that benefit students now and through the rest of their lives.