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Welcome to the nest!

Congratulations on your admission to UIW!

Follow the next steps for Graduate Students:

(Click here if you're not a graduate student.)

  • Submit all your final, official transcripts.

    Please note that ALL final, official transcripts must be submitted, from all colleges and universities attended, to the Office of Admissions

  • Know who your advisor is.

    Make note of the name and contact information of your advisor. You will find this information on your acceptance letter.

  • Go over the class schedule.

    You can view the class schedule online here. Click on "Schedule of Classes."

    There are three terms within each semester; two eight-week terms (mini terms), and one 16-week term (traditional term). Make sure you note the start and end date of your class selections.

  • Contact your advisor.

    Contact your advisor to schedule an advising and registration appointment. Approval to register for courses will be given at this time. 

    You will need to complete a paper registration form the first time you register.

    Take the signed registration form to the Registrar's Office for your registration to be completed for your registration to be completed.

    You will be able to register online in subsequent semesters, but to do so you will still need to meet with your advisor to get your alternate PIN (personal identification number).

  • Register early and apply for financial aid.

    Check the website for registration dates.

    Students may apply for financial assistance by submitting the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form. FAFSA applications may be filed with the UIW Office of Financial Assistance, or online at UIW school code: 003578.

  • Submit Proof of Meningitis Vaccination.

    It is state law for any student under 22 years of age intending to enronll at a Texas college or university to submit proof of Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination. You must submit the appropriate documentation prior to course registration. 

    Please refer to the UIW Health Services website for further information and a list of locations that offer the vaccination.

  • Attend New Graduate Student and Family Orientation.
    Our orientation provides both the student and family a sense of belonging to the UIW community. We want to introduce you to the various departments and resource areas whom will assist with your transition into UIW. Making your academic experience memorable  is just one of our orientation goals.

Contact the Office of Admissions if...

  • You intend to submit a new application for a different program than one to which you have been admitted.
  • You cannot attend this term and would like to defer your decision to an alternate semester. Your decision can be deferred for up to one calendar year. 
  • You have any other questions regarding your transition into the university as a graduate student.

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